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Microscope & Borescope Cameras. Videoscope Systems.

We enhance the value and performance of your microscope with our cinematic video and photomicrographic solutions.

Microscope Camera Imaging Systems

Borescope and videoscope inspection tools for exploring the inaccessible and non-destructive testing.

Industrial Videoscope & Borescope Inspection

We are passionate about technical imaging and enabling our customers to produce, share and capture immersive cinematic quality video from their microscope and borescope systems. Our user friendly imaging solutions bring your procedures-to-life instantaneously, in stunning life-like detail using the latest advancements in imaging innovation.

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Microscope Camera Imaging

We enhance the value and performance of your microscope with our cinematic video and photomicrographic solutions.

OPTRONICS® cinematic imaging solutions enable stunning digital creation of content from your microscope including live viewing, recording, editing and presentations.

Produce your case with ease and present anywhere in the world. View our Microscope Camera & Accessories Portfolio.

Simple Recording

Simple Recording

  1. Easily connect our cameras to your existing microscope system.
  2. Record your procedure onto your media.
  3. Connect to your computer and view the files.
Effortless Editing

Effortless Editing

  1. Import your videos and images into the editing program of your choice.
  2. Make the edits and perfect your timeline.
  3. Export your edits for distribution.
Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations

  1. Place your polished and edited video in PowerPoint or Keynote.
  2. Upload to YouTube, Vimeo or any sharing site.
  3. Share your videos in any way you’d like!
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Clinical & Microscope Applications

Industrial NDT Remote Visual Inspection

Borescope and videoscope inspection tools for exploring the inaccessible through non-destructive testing.

Our Remote Visual Inspection products work together seamlessly in a variety of industrial inspection environments.

These products provide our customers with the ease of use and image quality they deserve. View our Industrial RVI Portfolio.

Rigid Borescopes




Documentation Systems

Documentation Systems

LED Light Sources

LED Light Sources

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SMART SCOPE iPhone Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter attached to scope and light source closeup


iPhone/Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter Portable Inspection & Documentation System that fits in Your pocket. Take Your iPhone to Work. The SMART SCOPE integrates borescopes and flexoscopes to your iPhone or other compatible smartphones.

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Clearance Specials

TECHNO PACK T Video Imaging Documentation System

Clearance Specials

OPTRONICS also offers a selection of its products on clearance. Click below to learn more.

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Clinical Pathology man looking at pathology sample with MICROCAST HD

HD Microscope Camera Applications

  • Pathology Conferencing and Tumor Boards
  • Pathology Grossing Stations
  • Cataract and Retinal Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Research Microscopy and Dissection
  • Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Visualization
  • Dental, Periodontic and Endodontic Microsurgery
  • ENT and Neuro Microsurgery
  • Industrial Microscopes
Clinical Applications
Industrial Applications