Clinical Video Imaging

Enhance the value and performance of your surgical or compound

microscope with cinematic video and digital camera solutions.

Microscope Camera Imaging Systems

Industrial Visual Inspection

Explore the inaccessible. Portable borescope & videoscope

inspection tools for visual testing & measurement.

Industrial Videoscope & Borescope Inspection

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Medical and Industrial Imaging Cameras & Peripherals from JENOPTIK®, Medicapture®, Panasonic®, SONY® and Toshiba®

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Achieve Creativeness

Transform Your Captured Procedures into Captivating Presentations

We enable our customers to captureproduce, and share immersive cinematic quality video from their microscope, surgical microscope and borescope systems. Our user-friendly imaging solutions bring your procedures-to-life instantaneously, in stunning life-like detail using the latest advancements in clinical and industrial imaging innovation.

Simple Recording

Live Viewing & Simple Recording

  1. Easily connect our cameras to your existing microscope system.
  2. Capture your procedure onto your media.
  3. Connect to your computer and view the files.
Effortless Editing

Effortless Editing

  1. Import your videos and images into the editing program of your choice.
  2. Make the edits and perfect your timeline.
  3. Export your edits for distribution.
Powerful Presentations

Captivating Presentations

  1. Place your polished and edited video in PowerPoint or Keynote.
  2. Upload to YouTube, Vimeo or any sharing site.
  3. Share your videos in any way you’d like!
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