Cinemicrography. Multimedia Cinema from Your Microscope.

We are passionate about technical imaging and enabling our customers to produce, share and capture immersive cinematic quality video from their microscope and borescope systems.  Our user friendly imaging solutions bring your procedures-to-life instantaneously, in stunning life-like detail using the latest advancements in imaging innovation. Connect with us today to see how we can solve your challenging imaging problem.

New Innovations in 4K and HD Microscope Imaging Systems


4K Ultra HD Microscope Camera Package

OcularCINEMA 4K Ultra HD

Ultra HD 4K 3MOS microscope camera system. C-mount microscope adapter included.


Full 1080p 60fps CMOS HD Microscope Camera Package

OcularCINEMA HD Camera on Microscope

Onboard video & image capture, ultra-fast auto & manual exposure. Microscope C-mount adapter included.


CMOS-based High Definition Color Camera Package

RINCON HD ONE Microscope Camera Package

1-CMOS HD Camera, C-mount microscope adapter, RINCON™ HD Capture 1-click image software included


JENOPTIK® Digital Microscope Camera

JENOPTIK ProgRes Digital Microscope Camera on microscope

Full HD USB 3.0 Color Digital Microscope Camera

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Remote Visual Inspection Product Portfolio

MoVeo Videoscope

Portable, Hand-held Videoscope from KARL STORZ Industrial

MoVeo Portable Hand-Held Videoscope with light source

Compact Integrated Display: 5″ high resolution LCD full RGB color


Transportable Modular Borescopic Imaging System

TECHNO PACK T LED with MULTIPOINT laser measurement

Large 15″ monitor, MULTIPOINT laser measurement, Environmentally friendly

CLICK4MOVE Videoscope

With MULTIPOINT Measurement from KARL STORZ Industrial

Hand holding the CLICK4MOVE Videoscope

4mm and 6mm outer diameters with tungsten braiding and kink protection


iPhone/Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter

SMART SCOPE iPhone Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter attached to scope and light source closeup

Portable Inspection & Documentation System that fits in your pocket.

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Woman looking into microscope and MICROCAST HDXS camera head

HD Microscope Video Cameras

OcularCINEMA 4K Ultra HD Microscope Camera Package

4K Studio Quality Microscope Cameras

OcularCINEMA HD Camera on Microscope

Research Grade Microscope Imaging

Woman looking at pathology images on computer screen using JENOPTIK ProgRes digital microscope camera and software

Routine Microscope Imaging

1080p HD Recording Appliance Device

HD Video Recording

HD Video C Mount Microscope Camera Adapter for BX Style Microscopes with MICROCAST HD camera head attached

Compound Microscope Adapters

Microscope Beamsplitter with QUINTUS microscope adapter

Multifunctional Surgical Microscope Video Adapters

VITOM HD 2 Exoscope with light source

Research Video Visualization Systems

Featured Product

SMART SCOPE iPhone Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter attached to scope and light source closeup


iPhone/Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter Portable Inspection & Documentation System that fits in Your pocket. Take Your iPhone to Work. The SMART SCOPE integrates borescopes and flexoscopes to your iPhone or other compatible smartphones.

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OPTRONICS Microscope Camera Trade-In Program Save 20% 3 Year Warranty

Camera Trade-In Program

Receive a 20% discount and 3-year extended warranty. Upgrading your existing camera is easy and provides new and improved features that will enhance the imaging capabilities of your microscope and improve your workflow.

Camera Trade In Program

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Clinical Pathology man looking at pathology sample with MICROCAST HD

HD Microscope Camera Applications

  • Pathology Conferencing and Tumor Boards
  • Pathology Grossing Stations
  • Cataract and Retinal Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Research Microscopy and Dissection
  • Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Visualization
  • Dental, Periodontic and Endodontic Microsurgery
  • ENT and Neuro Microsurgery
  • Industrial Microscopes
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