General Exporting Tips

It’s all too common to get an error when trying to insert your video in PowerPoint & Keynote.  My goal is to give you a basic recipe for exporting from your editing program that will help you insert your video successfully. Since you could be using any number of editing programs, I’m listing some video export settings you’re most likely to see and my recommendations for those settings.

  1. File Type: choose .MP4 or .MOV encoded with the H.264 codec and AAC audio. This should give you a video that is compatible with PowerPoint/Keynote.
  2. Compression: choose “Better Quality” over “Faster” export. It may take longer, but will give you a better video file.
  3. Quality: choose “Best” or “High” quality. If a smaller file size is required choose “Medium” or “Low”.
PowerPoint & Keynote icons with play button

My Video Still Won’t Import

It’s possible no matter what settings you choose, your video just won’t upload or insert successfully. In these cases you may need to use a program to convert your video. Therefore, I’m recommending Handbrake, a video conversion program that’s free and for both Mac and Windows.

Supported File Formats

Lastly, for your reference I have listed some links below that discuss the supported video file formats for each of the programs I have mentioned.

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