Clinical Pathology

Real-Time Microscope Video Co-Observation

Real-Time Projection of the Ocular Viewing Experience

Our Camera Systems Are Compatible with All Leading Brands of Clinical Microscopes:


4K Microscope Video

from the OcularCINEMA 4K Microscope Camera System

OcularCINEMA 4K Microscope Camera System

HD Microscope Video

from the MICROCAST HD Microscope Camera System

MICROCAST HD Microscope Camera Systems

Diagnostic Quality Microscope Video for

Co-Observation, Collaboration & Documentation

Clinical Pathology Co-Observation-Collaboration Movie Theatre

OPTRONICS offers world renowned diagnostic quality HD and 4K UHD microscope video imaging solutions designed specifically for the needs of the pathologist, principally for co-observation, collaboration and documentation. Simple and easy-to-use immersive cinematic microscope imaging systems from OPTRONICS will produce vibrant full color, megapixel detail instantaneously in real-time with no delay throughout rapid changes in magnification and illumination.

Our systems offer unrivaled clinical imaging performance that deliver the eyepiece experience in a stunning cinematic experience to large 4K and HD displays or projection systems which can eliminate the need for multi-headed microscopes, computers and provide unlimited access to clinical images. We provide a comfortable, engaging and collaborative viewing experience. From capture to captivating, our easy to manage video and image files can be developed into your award winning presentations.

Microscope Imaging Products & Accessories for Pathologists

Our wide variety of HD and UHD microscope camera systems are compatible with all leading brands of clinical microscopes and conference room displays



4K Ultra HD Microscope Camera Package

OcularCINEMA 4K Ultra HD Microscope Camera Package

Ultra HD 4K 3MOS microscope camera system. C-mount microscope adapter included.

HD Microscope Video Cameras


3CCD 1080p Microscope Video Camera Systems

MICROCAST HD Camera System with Microscope

HD Microscope Video Cameras Real-Time Collaboration & Movie Production

JENOPTIK Digital Microscope Cameras

Digital Microscope Cameras

from JENOPTIK® ProgRes®

HD Microscope Camera Adapters on Microscope

CMOS & CCD Microscope Camera Imaging & Photo Documentation Systems

RINCON HD Software

RINCON HD Software

Measurement & Image Capture Software

RINCON HD Software

Live Measurement and Overlay Settings, 3D Visualization, Annotation, Z-Axis Focus Enhancement



Full 1080p 60fps HD Microscope Camera Package

OcularCINEMA HD Microscope Camera Package

Onboard video & image capture, ultra-fast auto & manual exposure. Included C-mount adapter.

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