Ophthalmic Microsurgery

Posterior Retina & Anterior Cataract Case Procedures in Real-Time Video

Real-Time Projection of the Ocular Viewing Experience

Posterior Retinal Microsurgery

from the MICROCAST HD Microscope Camera System

Anterior Cataract Microsurgery

from the MICROCAST HD Microscope Camera System

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MICROCAST HD Microscope Camera System

MICROCAST HD Microscope Camera System

Broadcast Your Microscope Eyepiece Experience in Immersive Cinematic Quality & Record It All in Vivid Detail.

Ophthalmic Microsurgery Movie Theatre

Create an engaging cinematic surgical theater experience in your OR by bringing the surgical microscope ocular view to life. High volume cataract cases to the most technical and challenging retina procedures are easily projected in real time video. Our HD surgical microscope camera systems provide an engaging and efficient work environment for OR staff members in which they can visualize the procedure in stunning life-like detail, anticipating the surgeons needs throughout the case. Real-time video projection provides an educational opportunity for residents and the simultaneous recording enables the surgeon to transform their lectures into captivating multimedia presentations.

Microsurgical Imaging Products for Ophthalmologists

HD Microscope Video Cameras


3CCD 1080p Microscope Video Camera Systems

MICROCAST HD Camera System with Microscope

HD Microscope Video Cameras Real-Time Collaboration & Movie Production

HD Microscope Camera Adapters

Microscope Camera Adapters


HD Microscope Camera Adapters on Microscope

Surgical Microscope HD Video C-Mount Camera Adapters.

1080p HD Recording Device USB 300

1080p HD Recording Device

High Definition Digital Video Recorder

1080p HD Recording Device

Records to internal hard drive, external USB drive, or network drive

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