Leading Periodontal Surgeon Incorporates State-Of-The-Art Medical Grade High Definition Microsurgical Imaging Technology in Her Private Practice


Westlake Village, CA – Dr. Adrianna McGregor D.D.S a leading Periodontal Surgeon specializing in minimally invasive microsurgical techniques has incorporated full high definition imaging into her practice which is devoted exclusively to esthetic periodontal and implant microsurgery.

Using an operating microscope and the latest microsurgical techniques Dr. McGregor is able to dramatically increase esthetic results while significantly enhancing the recovery experience of her patients through more precise surgical treatments performed under high magnification and illumination. According to Dr. McGregor, using a microscope for surgery enables me to produce supremely esthetic treatment outcomes with minimal or no discomfort to the patient because I can visualize and treat structures in the patients mouth that are not visible using traditional methods…incorporating high definition imaging technology facilitates recording, capture and display of the intricate details as I view them in the microscope eyepieces this is invaluable information I can share with my patients, and colleagues collaborating together in my patients treatment in full uncompressed high-definition.

The appetite for high-definition products and programming is steadily increasing among U.S. consumers and professionals alike. This growing enthusiasm for wide-screen HD televisions (HDTV) that provide a superior picture of HD broadcasts is driving consumer and professional electronics companies to develop new products to meet this demand. This is especially true in various medical professions, which are increasingly looking to professional video manufacturers like OPTRONICS to develop new products to meet their needs. An HD picture provides increased color accuracy and an amazing amount of detail that is unprecedented, not only ion HDTV broadcasts but also in surgical microscope applications like Dr. McGregor’s.

Unlike HDTV however, the OPTRONICS MICROCAST® HD STUDIO is a medical grade high definition camera system that produces full-uncompressed 1920 x 1080p images with superior color accuracy, detail and depth perception of microsurgical fields. It’s not HDTV, it is uncompressed Full-HD for operating microscopes. MICROCAST® HD STUDIO is a microsurgical camera system that delivers 60 images every second which is analogous to human vision and that’s just the beginning, according to Rich Crandall Director of Business Development with OPTRONICS. MICROCAST® HD STUDIO, captures full HD stills and unbelievable quality progressive scan MPEG-4 H.264 video without a computer, this allows the surgeon to focus on their surgery not camera programming or computer interface no other camera system can do this.

Our HD camera platform technology is being adopted by periodontal surgeons like Dr. McGregor, who use microscopes in their practice” said Mr. Crandall. These surgeons are leaders in their field who are embracing the latest advances in medical grade microsurgical imaging for use in their practice.

My patients deserve the latest advances that science and technology have to offer, and that requires the support provided by state-of-the-art equipment, said Dr. McGregor. Patients, other doctors collaborating in their treatment and operatory support staff can view the surgical theatre in real-time digital 1080p format that exceeds the capability of traditional HDTV she said.

Individuals interested in the benefits of minimally invasive microsurgery in dentistry are urged to call Dr. McGregors office:

1240 Westlake Boulevard Suite 125 Westlake Village, CA 91361 (805) 230-2440

Dental professionals and others interested in digital imaging for operating microscopes are encouraged to visit MICROCAST® HD STUDIO

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