12 Megapixel Micro-Scanning Color Digital Microscope Camera with true RGB color performance

C14 Plus Datasheet


JENOPTIK® ProgRes® Cameras Datsheet

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High Resolution Digital Color

Photomicrographs from Your Microscope.

Capture your view as seen through the microscope oculars with optimal color fidelity, detail and accuracy with publication quality images.

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  • Image Sensor: 2/3″ CCD progressive scan
  • Sensor Resolution (max): 1360 — 1024 px (1.4 – 12.5 MP)
  • Active Sensor Size (H x V): 8.8 mm x 6.6 mm
  • Max Frame Rate:
    • 13 fps (1360 x 1024 px)
    • 51 fps (680 x 512 px)
  • Dynamic range: 67 … 69 dB
  • Analog gain: 1x … 8x
  • Dimensions: (L – W – H): 145 mm x 93 mm x 123 mm
  • Weight: approx. 800 g

Fields of Application

Image analysis, documentation and archiving in micro and macroscopy in the fields of:

  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Phase contrast microscopy
  • Macroscopy
  • Material science, geology & mineralogy
  • Life science, diagnostics
  • Quality control
  • Pathology & cell biology
  • Forensics

General Info

Superior image quality and highest sensitivity

The color and monochrome ProgRes® CCD Research cameras meet challenging requirements in scientific applications, not only in fluorescence microscopy. The high sensitivity warrants brilliant images at high resolutions, especially when working with low-light specimens.

Due to the large pixel size of 6.45 provided by the sensitive 2/3″ CCD sensor, a broad dynamic range and a large bit depth of up to 14 bit, these cameras are especially suitable for most light sensitive applications, where excellent and high-contrast images are required. Expeditious and smooth operation is ensured by high frame rates. Especially the cooled camera models are adapted to handle mainly low-noise long-time exposures of up to 300 s or even 600 s for ProgRes® C14 plus.

The active peltier cooling consists of a nitrogen flushed sensor capsule, a peltier element and a fan. For exact image analysis of finest details and informative image documentation, the Microscanning technology provided in the scanning ProgRes® CCD Research cameras allows for capturing images of first-class quality with a resolution of up to 12.5 megapixel.

The ProgRes® C14 plus offers genuine color reproduction in proper detail. Its patented Color-Co-Site-Sampling records the color information exactly in three color channels for an absolutely real color image, nearly identical to the original. Wherever the correct color information influences the experts decision, the ProgRes® C14 plus is the most suitable microscope camera.

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