Digital Microscope Cameras for Industrial Inspections

Research & Development (R&D), Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Control (QC)

Enhance Your Quality Control Processes with Our Digital Microscope Cameras

Digital microscope cameras have the potential to improve existing QA/QC optical microscopes within any industrial production environment. Using the power of industrial digital photomicrography production and failure analysis issues can be addressed faster and more efficiently. Our digital microscope cameras for industrial inspection and documentation can be configured to enhance the various needs of the multi-user environment including better ergonomics and information sharing improving operational efficiency.

Jenoptik Progres Microscope Cameras

JENOPTIK® PROGRES® Digital Microscope Cameras

1 CMOS HD Stationary Borescope Camera

OcularCINEMA HD CMOS Microscope Camera

RINCON HD One Microscope Camera

RINCON HD One Microscope Camera

SONY 1 CMOS Video Camera Package

Sony 1 CMOS Microscope Inspection Camera

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