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Industrial Microscope & Borescope Cameras
Flexoscope Fiberscopes
LED Illumination
Measurement & Documentation Systems
  • Compact Integrated Display: 5″ high resolution LCD full RGB color
    MoVeo Portable Videoscope System
  • CLICK4MOVE Videoscope Hand-Held
    4mm and 6mm outer diameters with tungsten braiding and kink protection
    CLICK4MOVEAviation Videoscopes with Measurement
  • TECHNO PACK T LED Documentation & Measurement System
    Large 15″ monitor, MULTIPOINT laser measurement, Environmentally friendly
    TECHNO PACK T LED Borescope & Videoscope Laser Measurement Documentation System
  • Mobile Video Inspection Cart MVIC
    MVIC ergonomic mobile industrial grade remote visual inspection system
    MVIC Mobile Videoscope Inspection Cart
  • Couple to borescopes, fiberscopes, and videoscopes to illuminate your inspection scene
    Industrial Borescope LED Light Sources
  • Portable LED Borescope Light Source Featured
    Adjustable Battery-Operated Borescope LED Light Source
    Portable LED Borescope Light Source
  • Rigid Borescopes Industrial Inspection
    Optimal image brightness with integrated fiber optic illumination
    Rigid Borescopes
  • Precisely Locate Damage & Accurately Document Inspection Results - PAN 360° and TILT 180°
    VIS 350 Portable Video Inspection Camera System for Defect Analysis
  • TOMAHAWK Videoscope Inspection Camera
    Portable Articulating Videoscope system for Routine Visual Inspection
    TOMAHAWK Industrial Videoscope Package
  • T CAM Borescope Camera Remote Handheld CMOS
    Wide range of diameters from miniature to large; 0.5mm to 12mm
    Handheld CMOS Borescope Camera
  • Wide range of diameters from miniature to large; 0.5mm to 12mm
    Flexible Fiberscopes
  • TECHNO PORT Industrial Borescope Fiberscope Imaging System
    Wide range of diameters from miniature to large; 0.5mm to 12mm
    TECHNO PORT Videoscope & Borescope Video System
  • Video Borescope Documentation System Camera Controlled
    Wide range of diameters from miniature to large; 0.5mm to 12mm
    TECHNO HUB Video Borescope Documentation System
  • iPhone-Smartphone borescope camera adapter that fits in your pocket
    SMART SCOPE Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter
  • 6mm and 8mm diameters available with 28° and 50° angle of view
    Swing Prism Borescope
  • Transportable Modular Borescopic Imaging System from KARL STORZ Industrial
  • C-mount TELECAM® for use on microscopes or zoom lens configurations
    TELECAM® SL II CCD Borescope Video Camera
  • RINCON HD One Digital Microscope Camera Package
    1-CMOS HD camera, C-mount optical adapter, RINCON HD™ capture software
  • OcularCINEMA HD Microscope Camera
    Full 1080p 60 fps microscope camera system, included C-mount adapter
    OcularCINEMA HD
  • RINCON HD Software Image Capture & Measurement
    HD measurement & image capture software, simplified
    RINCON HD Software
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