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Aviation Videoscopes. Simultaneous Visualization & Measurement for Technical Aviation and Aerospace.

KARL STORZ CLICK4MOVE Aviation Videoscopes are compatible with all KARL STORZ Industrial visualization and video documentation systems including the all new modular TECHNO PACK® T LED producing precision measurements, detailed images and video files throughout the turbine, airframe and component inspection.

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  • Four-way deflection up to 140°
  • 4mm and 6mm outer diameters with tungsten braiding and kink protection
  • Various lengths available for different applications up to 7.5M
  • Quartz glass and titanium reinforced lens tips with double safety threads
  • Compatible with all KARL STORZ Industrial documentation systems

General Info

New KARL STORZ MULTIPOINT Videoscope Measurement System

Introducing KARL STORZ MULTIPOINT 3.0 videoscope measurement technology based on laser microprojectors that generate structured light points on the surface to be measured. The measured light point data is converted into 3D coordinates that span the surface to be measured. Thanks to structured illumination, textureless and shiny surfaces can be easily measured as well. For rapid generation of the 3D data, the TECHNO PACK® T LED software is supported by proprietary algorithms.

Special Videoscope Measurement Types:

  1. Distance Measurement
  2. Multi-line Measurement
  3. Line-to-point Measurement
  4. Area Measurement
  5. Depth Measurement
  6. 3D Area, Tip Curl, Blade Clearance or Depth Measurement
Special Videoscope Measurement Type Examples

CLICK4MOVE videoscopes are the next generation of industrial grade KARL STORZ videoscopes with a series of innovative new technologies that come together to create an extraordinary industrial visualization instrument. The completely new CLICK4MOVE technology ensures simple, ergonomic operation. The short, flexible videoscope tip can be deflected by 140° in four directions enabling the thorough inspection of the most challenging environments and provides the user with impressively bright and sharp imaging experience with user-friendly fatigueless design.

The outer tungsten braiding with kink protection ensures maximum industrial grade durability while providing maximum flexibility. KARL STORZ Industrial CLICK4MOVE videoscopes offer 4mm and 6mm outer diameters in several lengths, producing industry leading reach with unsurpassed image quality for all turbine types including Pratt and Whitney, GE and Rolls Royce.

The Largest Portfolio of Industrial Grade Borescope and Videoscope Products. Multiple Industrial Application Solutions.

KARL STORZ Industrial’s collection of modular products work together seamlessly in a variety of industrial visual inspection environments. These products provide our customers with the ease of use and precise image quality they demand to get the job done reliably and efficiently. We invite you to View the videos below to see our products working together in action.

Aviation Inspection

Automotive Inspection

Submarine Inspection

Plant Inspection

General Overview

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