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Flexoscope Fiberscope

KARL STORZ Flexoscopes / Fiberscopes

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Explore the Inaccessible with Outstanding Quality Visualization and Video Imaging with Flexible Solutions.

KARL STORZ Industrial grade fiberscopes contain glass fibers delivering efficient illumination and superior optical resolution to your eye or imaging device. Our Flexoscopes are available in multiple lengths, direction-of-view with the widest field-of-view available.

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  • Ideal for indirect inspection areas
  • Wide range of diameters from miniature to large; 0.5mm to 12mm
  • Precision crafted glass fiber optical bundles
  • Ruggedized industrial grade outer sheath materials web
  • Direct, tactile 2/4-way deflection up to 180°
  • High pixel count fiber optic light transmission guide

General Info

As their name suggests, flexoscopes are extremely flexible. They are easy to use and enable access to convoluted and irregularly shaped spaces, channels, or pipes that would otherwise be inaccessible to the human eye. KARL STORZ flexoscopes come in diameters between 0.5mm and 9mm and feature a robust, smooth outer shell made of plastic or a metal-tungsten braiding.

Two-way or four-way deflection translates into a large field of view and ensures ease of use and efficiency when used in combination with a kink protector and an integrated lock. When combined with a powerful external light source, our high quality optical system offers you an outstanding, sharp image that allows you to reliably assess the object to be inspected.

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