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Brilliant and Efficient Lighting Illuminates What You Can’t See In the Inspection Area.

A wide range of LED, Halogen, Metal Halide and Xenon light sources coupled to KARL STORZ borescopes, fiberscopes and videoscopes with fiber optic and liquid light guide cables are critical to ensure your successful remote visual inspection (RVI) experience.

Light Source Types

  • LED
  • Portable
  • UV
  • Halide
  • Halogen
  • Xenon

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General Info

KARL STORZ Industrial borescope light sources, also known as light projectors, generate light using innovative technology and powerful lamps including LED, Halogen, XENON and Solarc®. Coupled to our KARL STORZ industrial grade borescopes, light is transmitted to the tip of the scope through high quality, efficient fiber-optic light guides. We offer a wide range of high performance light sources at different power and intensity levels from our new 150W LED to 300W Xenon.

Bright light is a key determinant of image quality and our powerful, high quality light sources are a decisive factor in generating informative borescopic images. Contact us today to evaluate the KARL STORZ Industrial Grade light source that meets your specific needs and see what you have been missing!

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