MVIC Mobile Videoscope Inspection Cart

Ergonomic RVI Measurement & Documentation System for MRO Applications

Mobilize Your Video Inspection & Documentation with MVIC. Designed to Enhance Efficiency in Your Industrial Shop Environment.

MVIC is the ultimate ergonomic, mobile self-contained remote visual inspection, video, measurement and documentation system. Compatible with the TPT LED Borescope Video Imaging System and CLICK4Move Videoscope.

  • Wireless keyboard and keypad with ergonomic adjustable tray
  • Dual videoscope holders
  • Secure locking storage drawer and writing surface
  • 4 plug power strip
  • Foot pedal for monitor positioning, user-adjustable
  • Pneumatic industrial wheels
MVIC mobile industrial grade video remote visual inspection cart. This efficient self contained, portable video system is designed for the industrial shop environment for remote visual inspection with or without KARL STORZ MULTIPOINT Measurement functionality. The system includes a user adjustable gas assisted lift, that easily sets the proper viewing height and facilitates viewing angle of the KARL STORZ TPT LED. A user adjustable keyboard shelf facilitates the proper height of the wireless keyboard with integrated track pad. Dual videoscope holders securely hold both non-measurement and measurement CLICK4MOVE Videoscopes. A steel-locking drawer securely holds optional videoscope tips and other accessories including USB sticks and other digital media supplies. Pneumatic wheels enable the cart to easily “ride” over uneven surfaces, hoses and cables on the shop floor or other surfaces. A supplied lithium ion battery enables inspection and measurement functionality without mains power connectivity. The MVIC is the ultimate ergonomic mobile self-contained remote visual inspection, video measurement and documentation system.
MVIC Mobile Video Inspection Cart Datasheet
MVIC Diagram Features

MVIC. Made for Your Industry.

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