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MoVeo Portable Videoscope

MoVeo Soft Case Carrying Bag
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Portable Visualization of the Inaccessible. Increase Video Inspection Efficiency Through Enhanced Direction of View and lighting.

The KARL STORZ MoVeo Videoscope is a fully self-contained professional imaging system. Designed with the user’s ergonomics in mind, and your organizations need for efficiency and cost savings.  MoVeo is available in multiple lengths, outer diameters and interchangeable 0 and 90 degree tips. Digital image capture and video recording are standard features.  It is the ideal solution for high-performance automotive and mission critical transport and power generating applications.

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  • Videoscope Image Sensor: High resolution complementary metal oxide semiconductor
  • Compact Integrated Display: 5″ high resolution LCD full RGB color
  • Videoscope Diameters: 4mm and 6mm
  • Deflection: Precision 4-way articulation
  • Locking levers: (2) independent fixation locking levers
  • Optional lens: 90° oblique and 0° near-field with safety thread design
  • Illumination: Portable LED illuminator included, optional stationary light sources and connectivity available

General Info

MoVeo is a new innovative portable ruggedized videoscope system only from KARL STORZ Industrial. This truly mobile videoscope (videoborescope) system is a lightweight ergonomic self-contained hand held visualization and video documentation system. The simple, easy to navigate user interface enables the investigator to navigate simply through MoVeo’s intuitive controls all through an integrated 5″ full color LCD display. Lithium ion powered with an integrated high-power LED light source, MoVeo is a truly self-contained next generation remote visual inspection tool that can be used remotely for up-to 3 hours.

Embedded software functionality was designed with the professional industrial investigator in mind. Utilizing the signature KARL STORZ user interface experience, special features include archiving and playback of video recording or captured image files. Text annotation can be applied to image files. A unique comparative measurement function enables simple straightforward analysis during inspection processes.

Multifunctional Carrying Case

Remote visual inspection is only the beginning. MoVeo offers an industry first, a versatile multifunctional transport case for stationary use. This unique carrying case design is not only ruggedized for today’s demanding industrial inspection applications but is also the industry’s most ingenious case design as it doubles as a workstation base station. In this application, MoVeo can be connected to a mains power supply and supported with it’s optional multi-jointed holding arm. This revolutionary case design has ample room to store all of MoVeo’s accessories including protective sheaths, interchangeable lenses carrying straps and back-up lithium ion power batteries. An external video output supports ancillary video monitors increasing the stationary inspection performance.

MoVeo offers flexibility of sheath diameters and lengths with it’s tungsten carbide videoscope design. The user has the option of a videoscope with a sheath of 4mm or 6mm diameter sheath design with working lengths up to 6 meters. All MoVeo videoscopes feature a standard integrated lens with a direction of view 0°, field of view 70°, depth of field 15mm to infinity. For application specific needs, all videoscopes are available with a near field and a 90° interchangeable lens with integrated safety thread system.

MoVeo Soft Case.

MoVeo Portable Videoscope Soft Carrying Case from KARL STORZ Industrial

A Carry-on for Your Moveo Videoscope. Your Inspection Adventure Awaits.

In addition to our multifunctional case, we offer a multifunctional carrying bag for the MoVeo videoscope as an accessory for applications requiring particular portability. This carrying bag has been especially designed for MoVeo users who perform inspections in difficult-to-access areas and don’t want to do without important accessories, carrying comfort, and functionality. The bag was designed with safety in mind, and its special materials offer optimal protection for the MoVeo videoscope during transport. Thanks to the universal shoulder strap, the bag can also be worn as a backpack.

A Variety of Industrial Products. Multiple Industrial Applications.

KARL STORZ Industrial’s collection of products work together seamlessly in a variety of industrial inspection environments. These products provide our customers with the ease of use and image quality they deserve. View the video below to see our products working together in action.

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