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RINCON HD Software Simple Measurement and Image Capture Software

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HD Image Measurement Software – Simplified.

The latest in image acquisition, live digital measurement, HD image capture, and quick, simple reporting of measurement data and statistics. Supports our entire camera product portfolio including Microcast HD microscope cameras and industrial RVI imaging products.

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General Info

Simple HD Image Measurement Software

RINCON HD features the latest in image acquisition, live digital measurement, HD image capture, and quick, simple reporting of measurement data and statistics. Also included are simple image editing and annotation features. RINCON HD is directly compatible with MICROCAST HD and MegaPixel CMOS USB Cameras.

Live Measurement and Overlay Settings

Users can perform measurements on the live preview image, using the crosshair or grid masks to center and count. The grid masks include calibration data. Calibration marker (scale bar) can be placed on the live preview image. The marker (scale bar) can also be burned on each captured image automatically.

3D Visualization

A Three-dimensional picture can be created from any image. Z-axis information can easily be adjusted to optimize the 3D effect. Rincon lets you visualize your 3D image with full 360 degrees of rotation. A 3D image can then saved in JPG for use in PowerPoint.


Line, arrow, polyline, spline, rectangle, ellipse, text

Z-Axis Focus Enhancement

It isn’t easy to bring into focus all the features from samples of varying heights. Let RINCON HD combine a stack of images captured at different levels of focus and combine them into a single in-focus image.

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