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Think Of It As A Portable Inspection & Documentation System That Fits In Your Pocket. Put Your Smartphone to Work.

The SMART SCOPE integrates our borescopes and flexoscopes to your iPhone, Android or other compatible smartphones.

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  • Images and videos from all rigid or flexible endoscopes with standard eyepieces can be recorded with the smartphone
  • Optimized full-format display for 3.8 mm endoscopes and autoscopes
  • No optical adjustment of the smartphone necessary during use
  • Standard 1/4 20 tripod socket
  • All smartphone features can be used
  • Covers available for the most important smartphones
  • Inexpensive



  • SMART SCOPE Smartphone Adaptor
  • iPhone 5s Holder for SMART SCOPE
  • iPhone 6 Holder for SMART SCOPE
  • Galaxy S4 Holder with SMART SCOPE


  • SMART SCOPE with iPhone 5s Holder
  • SMART SCOPE with iPhone 6 Holder
  • SMART SCOPE with Galaxy S4 Holder

General Info

The SMART SCOPE is suitable for quick inspection and documentation in the non-destructive visual inspection of technical assemblies such as motors, hollow spaces and inspection parts, without additional disassembly effort. A modern smartphone with good image quality combined with our very powerful battery-operated and portable lamp provides you with well-illuminated, meaningful endoscopic recordings.

In conjunction with our rigid borescopes and flexoscopes, the SMART SCOPE provides a fast and cost-effective possibility to capture and save photos or videos of endoscopic findings and, if required, send these to a third party. In combination with our autoscopes and battery-operated portable lamp, the SMART SCOPE provides a cost-effective solution.

The SMART SCOPE comprises a telescope with borescope quick-release coupling and special smartphone case. The case acts as a holder for the smartphone and establishes an optimal connection between the SMART SCOPE and the smartphone camera.

Thanks to the borescope quick-release coupling, all rigid or flexible endoscopes with standard eyepieces can be connected to the SMART SCOPE. In the case of 3.8 mm endoscopes and autoscopes, the telescope in the SMART SCOPE optimizes the image in order to fill as much of the screen as possible. In the case of larger telescopes, the image displayed on the smartphone camera is usually cropped. With smaller telescopes, only part of the smartphone camera surface is utilized.

The SMART SCOPE features a standard tripod socket that can be attached to standard tripods. Thanks to the special smartphone case, no further adjustment is necessary when the smartphone is combined with the SMART SCOPE.

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