TECHNO PACK T LED Borescope & Videoscope Video System

With MULTIPOINT Laser Measurement & Documentation

TPT LED Laser Measurement Documentation

Three Numbers That Enhance Remote Visualization & Measurement Efficiency

30   |   15   |   1

See and Measure in 30-seconds using our simple integrated video imaging and measurement system which includes the largest 15″ display, integrated LED light source, image capture and recording module. All in a compact mobile configuration. Multipoint Measurement is activated using all KARL STORZ compatible measuring videoscopes using our exclusive (1) See and Measure optical tip. No tip changes required. TPT LED is also compatible with our entire industrial imaging product portfolio including non-measuring videoscopes, fiberscopes and rigid borescopes. Schedule your TPT LED evaluation today and learn how KARL STORZ industrial RVI products can increase your organization’s productivity & efficiency – saving time and money.

Industrial Remote Visual Inspection Features Laser Measurement

MULTIPOINT Videoscope Laser Measurement

Videoscope Features Still Image Capture & Video Recording

HD Image Capture & Digital Video Recording

Videoscope Features True Mobility

For the Mobile MRO Inspector

Videoscope Features LED Lighting

Integrated On-Tip LED Illumination

Videoscope Features Save Money

Economic Price Point Saves Money & Time

  • Large 15″ precision RGB color display provides increased magnification, more detail, and a larger viewing area.
  • MULTIPOINT  laser measurement enabled including depth, length, area, and line-to-point with measurement accuracy on any surface.
  • Environmentally friendly and powerful integrated LED Illumination
  • New simple icon enabled user-interface
  • Standard VESA mount for enhanced ergonomic positioning on virtually any holding system
  • DVI output for supporting ancillary displays for training and co-observation
The newest generation of the TECHNO PACK® product family, the TECHNO PACK® T LED, features a large 15″ progressive scan monitor which displays images in stunning detail like never before. A new user interface enables effortless system navigation and the multipoint measurement functionality offers a quantitative assessment of defects in addition to the visual analysis. A new environmentally friendly yet powerful LED light source offers an average lifespan of more than 7 years. TECHNO PACK® T LED is compatible with our entire product range so it can be used universally across our entire range of visualization products. Operators of all skill levels will appreciate the new user interface experience offering a completely reimagined user interface which allows easy, user-friendly operation in many types of working environments.

New KARL STORZ MULTIPOINT Videoscope Measurement System

Introducing KARL STORZ MULTIPOINT 3.0 videoscope measurement technology based on laser microprojectors that generate structured light points on the surface to be measured. The measured light point data is converted into 3D coordinates that span the surface to be measured. Thanks to structured illumination, textureless and shiny surfaces can be easily measured as well. For rapid generation of the 3D data, the TECHNO PACK® T LED software is supported by proprietary algorithms.

Special Videoscope Measurement Types:

  1. Distance Measurement

  2. Multi-line Measurement

  3. Line-to-point Measurement

  4. Area Measurement

  5. Depth Measurement

  6. 3D Area, Tip Curl, Blade Clearance or Depth Measurement

Special Videoscope Measurement Type Examples

TPT LED. Made for Your Industry.

Power Generation Turbine Inspection

Power Generation

Power Generation Wind Energy Turbine Maintenance

Learn More
Aviation Airframe Inspection Man Inspecting Turbine

Aviation Inspection

Aviation Turbine & Airframe Videoscope Inspection

Learn More
Automotive Videoscope Engine Inspection

Auto Inspection

Automotive Service Center Videoscope Engine Inspection

Learn More

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