VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera

The Ideal Solution for Industrial Pipeline & Internal Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

VIS 350 Pipe Inspection Camera in Hand

Precisely Locate Damage & Accurately Document Inspection Results

With robust housing plus PAN 360° and TILT 180° camera capabilities, the VIS 350 is perfect for pipeline inspection of 2″ – 8” diameter in industry and aviation including the internal inspection of wind turbine blades and shafts.

VIS 350 Large Screen on Pipe Inspection Camera
Optics pan 360° and tilt 180° – facilitate maximum movement radius and ensure even the smallest damage does not remain hidden from your view
Store video footage and photos on a 2 GB SD card
Camera head with integrated transmitter facilitates location detection by the Wohler L 200
Digital position and angle of the camera head displayed on the monitor
Home function aligns the camera head to a straight position – display parallel to the ground
Brightly illuminating color camera head, 2" in length and 1 1/2" in diameter, easily negotiates
tight bends
Electronic meter counter with a resolution of 0.10 ft. displayed on the monitor
Bright TFT color monitor (tiltable and removable) supplies razor sharp images
Battery operating time: 2 x 120 min. with 2 rechargeable batteries (optional)
Fully equipped mobile solution in a robust plastic case

More Applications

Waste water lines of 2" diameter and larger
House connections up to 8" diameter
Flue gas systems of 2" diameter and larger
Ventilation lines of ventilation systems
False ceilings, hollow spaces, shafts
VIS 350 Portable Video Inspection Camera System Datasheet
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Enhanced Features for Enhanced Inspections

Camera Head Optics Pan 360° and Tilt 180°

Bright TFT Color Monitor (Tiltable & Removable) Supplies Razor Sharp Images

Capture Video Footage & Photos on a 2GB SD Card

Digital Position & Angle of Camera Head Displayed on the Monitor

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