QUINTUS® Surgical Microscope Camera ZOOM Adapter

Variable Focal Length Video Adapter 43-86mm. Compatible with ZEISS® & LEICA® Style Microscopes

QUINTUS ZOOM Surgical Microscope Camera Adapter

The Critical Imaging Connection to Your Surgical Microscope.

The QUINTUS® adapter is compatible with our MICROCAST® HD Microscope Camera Systems.

MICROCAST HD Microscope Camera Systems

Five Unique Features Come Together

The QUINTUS® high definition video adaptor derives its name from the latin word quintus, meaning “five”. Five unique features come together to create our premium microsurgical video adapter. These adapter control functions enable:
  1. Adjustments of all imaging parameters independently of the microscope.
  2. Horizontal and vertical centering ensure the video image on display is centered as seen through the microscope ocular.
  3. Iris control increases the depth of field
  4. Fine focus parfocals the display image with the oculars of the microscope.
  5. Our unique orientation clutch orients the video image correctly on the display.
The optics of the QUINTUS® adapter are precision corrected for color and maximum light transmission and are available in different focal lengths to satisfy the magnification requirements of the surgeon or investigator.


Compatible with all brands of optical microscope brands including: Zeiss®, Leica®, Moller-Wedel®, Global®, Topcon®, KAPS Opik®, and others
  • Fine focus control
  • Independent iris control
  • Horizontal centering control
  • Vertical centering control
  • Image orientation
  • Optional QUINTUS® Zoom Adapter now available
  • Optically corrected for vibrant true color and light transmission
  • Low-profile lightweight design

Microscope Imaging Portfolio
QUINTUS Microsurgcial Adapters Datasheet

Microsurgical Applications

Surgical Application Ophthalmology Anterior Cataract Posterior Retina


Anterior Cataract & Posterior Retina Surgery

Learn More
Surgical Application Dental Microsurgery


Periodontic & Endodontic Dental Procedures

Learn More
Surgical Application Neurosurgery


Neurosurgical Procedures

Learn More
Surgical Application Ear Nose Throat ENT


Ear, Nose & Throat

Learn More

The QUINTUS Surgical Microscope Video Adapter LEICA® Style is available for purchase on OPTRONICS Direct

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