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High Performance Automotive Remote Visual Inspection Solutions

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High Performance Automotive Remote Visual Inspection Systems

Provide customers with the finest service experience, while increasing service department revenue and profitability. Let the imaging experts at OPTRONICS show you the way. Our advanced remote visual inspection tools are designed for premier high volume automotive service centers. Connect with one of our trained Imaging Specialists for more info.

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Enhanced Features for Quality Auto Inspections

Largest Integrated Color Display on Videoscope

Largest Integrated Color Display on Videoscope

Videoscope Tip 180 degrees Direction of View

Up to 180 degrees Direction-of-View and Angulation

Videoscope Features Still Image Capture & Video Recording

Still Image Capture & Video Recording

Videoscope Features True Mobility

True Mobility for the Service Center Environment

Videoscope Features LED Lighting

See the Inaccessible with LED Illumination

Expedite Factory Warranty Claim Reimbursements.

With our 1-touch high resolution video recording and digital image documentation, facilitate factory warranty claim reimbursements and create powerful multimedia pre-repair reports.

Customer Compliance with Repairs.

The pre-repair visual diagnosis provides valuable information for proactive scheduling and just-in-time provisioning of component parts before they are required for service, minimizing inventory cost.

Save Time. Reduce Costs. Speed-Up Vehicle Turnover.

Our high resolution video probe solutions provide critical visual information enabling accurate engine diagnosis to problem areas that would normally take hours to reach and assess without costly engine disassembly.

Real-Time Video Inspection.

Improve onsite training and education of your employees with real-time video inspection and image capture, enabling constructive collaboration with technicians and factory engineers.

Products for Your Auto Service Department

MoVeo Videoscope

MoVeo Portable Hand-held Videoscope

from KARL STORZ Industrial

MoVeo Portable Hand-held Videoscope

Compact Integrated Display: 5″ high resolution LCD full RGB color

TOMAHAWK Videoscope

TOMAHAWK Portable Videoscope

Inspection Camera System

TOMAHAWK Portable Videoscope

Cost-effective portable articulating videoscope system


TPT® LED with Measurement

Borescope & Videoscope Documentation System

TECHNO PACK T LED Borescope Documentation System

With MULTIPOINT laser measurement & documentation, Large 15″ monitor


TECHNO PORT Documentation System

From KARL STORZ Industrial

TECHNO PORT Industrial Borescope Fiberscope Imaging System Hand Held

Portable, compatible with most brands of rigid and flexible borescopes



iPhone/Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter

SMART SCOPE iPhone/Smartphone Borescope Camera Adapter

Portable Inspection & Documentation System That Fits In Your Pocket

OPTRONICS offers a wide range of remote visual inspection solutions, technical imaging knowledge 

and expertise specifically designed to meet the needs of the Premium Automotive Service Center.

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