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Designed for The Efficient MRO

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Visual Inspection Systems Designed for Ease-of-Use and Precision Results

Aviation Turbine & Airframe Videoscope Inspections

Our video borescope systems are deployed for all types of airplane and helicopter engines including Pratt and Whitney, GE, Rolls Royce, Safran, Sikorsky and other turbines that are subject to Foreign Object Damage (FOD), mechanical failures, thermal deterioration and cracking. Connect with one of our trained Imaging Specialists for more info.

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Inspection Features Designed for the MRO Shop Environment

Videoscope Features Large Screen

Largest Integrated Color Display on Videoscope

Videoscope 180 degrees Direction of View

Up to 180 degrees Direction-of-View and Angulation

Laser Measurement - Industrial Remote Visual Inspection Features

Multi-Point Laser Measurement

Videoscope Still Image Capture & Video Recording

Still Image Capture & Video Recording

Mobile Videoscope

True Mobility for the Efficient MRO

Videoscope LED Illumination Lighting

See the Inaccessible with LED Illumination

Improve Customer Turn-around Time

OPTRONICS offers the professional aviation technician a wide range of portable hand-held videoscopes and quantitative MULTIPOINT mobile measurement systems designed for the MRO shop environment, that empower critical decision making with large easy-to-view visualization and simple yet powerful measuring features designed to inspect the turbine and airframe components quickly and efficiently with unequalled image quality and ease of use saving your organization time.

Facilitate Growth and Improve Your Bottom Line

With our all-new KARL STORZ 4mm MULTIPOINT measuring system, critical and precise measurements can be performed without changing the optical tip. We call this See and Measure and it saves your organization time and money. Whether you need the versatility and portability of our full-featured MoVeo or the quantitative accurate measurement functionality of our all-new mobile TPT LED measurement system, the use of KARL STORZ aviation quality videoscopes in turbine and airframe inspections aid the MRO technician in the maintenance of your customers aircraft and turbines without the cost associated with time consuming tear down improving the bottom line of your business.

Demonstrated Quality and Reliability with Minimal Capital Outlay

We provide aviation quality visual inspection equipment that MRO shops rely on to facilitate the maintenance process efficiently and for keeping costs to a minimum so operations run smoothly. Our aviation remote visual inspection products are recognized globally for their superior image quality, reliability and localized support all with minimal capital outlay.

Featured Aviation MRO Inspection Products

Rigid Semirigid Borescopes

Rigid, Semirigid Borescopes

from KARL STORZ Industrial

KARL STORZ Industrial Rigid and Semirigid Borescopes

Stainless steel, available in multiple lengths, direction-of-view, field-of-view, magnification


TPT® LED with Measurement

Borescope & Videoscope Documentation System

TECHNO PACK T LED Borescope Documentation System

With MULTIPOINT laser measurement & documentation, Large 15″ monitor

MoVeo Videoscope

MoVeo Portable Hand-held Videoscope

from KARL STORZ Industrial

MoVeo Portable Hand-held Videoscope

Compact Integrated Display: 5″ high resolution LCD full RGB color

CLICK4MOVE Videoscope

CLICK4MOVE Videoscope

from KARL STORZ Industrial

Hand holding CLICK4MOVE Videoscope

Compact Integrated Display: 5″ high resolution LCD full RGB color


TECHNO PORT Documentation System

From KARL STORZ Industrial

TECHNO PORT Industrial Borescope Fiberscope Imaging System Hand Held

Portable, compatible with most brands of rigid and flexible borescopes

Mobile Video Inspection Cart MVIC

Mobile Video Inspection Cart MVIC

Transportable Modular Borescopic Imaging System

Mobile Video Inspection Cart MVIC

Mobile, self-contained remote visual inspection, video, measurement and documentation system

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OPTRONICS offers a wide range of remote visual inspection solutions, technical imaging knowledge and expertise specifically designed to meet the needs of the MRO Inspection Environment. Connect with an OPTRONICS Imaging Specialist to learn more.

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