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Wind Energy Turbine Maintenance

Remote Visual Inspection of Wind Turbine Energy Generators

Our Turbine Remote Visual Inspection Products Deliver:

  • Maximized Up-time

  • Production

  • Safety

  • Maintenance Cost Reduction

Wind turbine generators play an increasing and important role in America’s energy production needs. Wind turbine generators create incredible rotational force that puts the gearbox and associated bearings under stress. Proper scheduled maintenance through remote visual inspection of internal wind turbine gear boxes, bearings, tooth flanks, seals, turbine blades and other critical internal areas ensures maximum up-time, production, service life and safety.

Our remote visual video inspection products can be used with the following turbine suppliers:

Goldwind, Nordex SE, Gamesa, Suzlon, Vestas, Siemens, GE Energy

Inspection Features Designed for Turbine Maintenance

Videoscope Features Large Screen

Largest Integrated Color Display on Videoscope

Videoscope 180 degrees Direction of View

Up to 180 degrees Direction-of-View and Angulation

Videoscope Still Image Capture & Video Recording

Still Image Capture & Video Recording

Mobile Videoscope

True Mobility for the Efficient MRO

Videoscope LED Illumination Lighting

See the Inaccessible with LED Illumination

Visualize Inaccessible Components of a Turbine

Remote onshore and offshore turbine locations create the needs for portable and highly mobile inspection equipment. Our portable video borescope and videoscope systems including the MoVeo Videoscope and TOMAHAWK Videoscope are ideal solutions to visualize inaccessible components of a turbine for visual identification of fine subtle cracks, corrosion and other sources of wear. The VIS-350 Portable Video Inspection System for Defect Analysis offers a unique and cost effective visualization tool for the interior inspection of turbine blades.

Inspect Internal Components, Maximize Service Life of the Turbine

Our portable videoscope systems include lightweight and portable systems that facilitate your service technicians regularly scheduled maintenance programs with easy to use RVI tools designed to be deployed safely and efficiently both onshore and offshore for the visual inspection and maintenance of wind turbine power stations. Bright clear visualization screens, interchangeable lenses with near focus tips, videoscope deflection up-to 180°, digital video image acquisition and portable ruggedized cases offer an enhanced system configuration that enables a thorough inspection of the internal components including the bearings and shaft which maximize service life of the turbine.

Non-Destructive Maintenance RVI Testing

Non-destructive testing using remote visual inspection in the maintenance of turbines enable your organization to proactively inspect a turbine without the need for costly and time consuming disassembly. This means that your maintenance and repair organization saves both time and money by identifying and locating mechanical irregularities prior to system break-down which can result in lost production decreased revenue and safety concerns.

Products for Wind Energy Turbine Inspection

MoVeo Videoscope

MoVeo Portable Hand-held Videoscope

from KARL STORZ Industrial

MoVeo Portable Hand-held Videoscope

Compact Integrated Display: 5″ high resolution LCD full RGB color

TOMAHAWK Videoscope

TOMAHAWK Portable Videoscope

Inspection Camera System

TOMAHAWK Portable Videoscope

Cost-effective portable articulating videoscope system


TPT® LED with Measurement

Borescope & Videoscope Documentation System

TECHNO PACK T LED Borescope Documentation System

With MULTIPOINT laser measurement & documentation, Large 15″ monitor

CLICK4MOVE Videoscope

CLICK4MOVE Videoscope

from KARL STORZ Industrial

Hand holding CLICK4MOVE Videoscope

Compact Integrated Display: 5″ high resolution LCD full RGB color



Visual Inspection System

VIS 350

Portable Video Inspection Systems for Defect Analysis

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