When you open a video editing program for the first time it can be intimidating. There are lots of buttons and windows and knobs that you might not have any idea what they do. Don’t be intimidated, just remember that in just about any video editing interface you’ll find the same basic windows. They might be arranged in a different way, but your program should have some form of the following:

  1. Top Menu: You’ll find File, View, Edit, Window etc.
  2. Resource Bin: This is where you can import your video, audio, and image files. It’s the window that stores your media that you can pull to your timeline.
  3. Individual Clip Viewer: In this window you can view each clip, image or audio file individually separate from the timeline.
  4. Timeline Viewer: View the edits you have made on your timeline.
  5. Titles, Transitions, Audio, & Effects Bin: Apply elements from this bin to your footage.
  6. Timeline: The timeline is where you combine and layer your video, audio and images files and perfect your edit. Whatever is on the timeline when exported will ultimately become your final video.

A Basic Layout of a Video Editing Program

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